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Data Protection Services

Business/Data Protection Advisor for Entrepreneurs and Small business owners

Understand business priorities, align risk and strategy, operationalize to be more
effective against the threat landscape

Professional liability insurance - Blackfire Cyber Insurance

Our cyber security specialist team members are a valuable contributor to provide a security governance framework to ensure your business continues to be a revenue generator machine without an interruption. During this advisory and consultation process our team member will help you understand common cyber risks and threats your business is facing in today’s digital age. The experts will also evaluate your current security maturity levels to define your target and walk you through our proprietary cybersecurity checklist which is designed to mitigate identified threat/vulnerabilities that place your business at risk!

We’ve also partnered up with cyber security companies which offer foundational cyber security services to strengthen your business cyber security posture should you need more data protection and cyber security assistance.

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Professional liability insurance - Blackfire Cyber Insurance
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